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Online Slot Machines Are The Favorites In The World of Chance

Within online casinos there are a great variety of games and activities in order to entertain their participants. However, there will always be some that are more popular with the public, especially when their mechanics are simpler and more intuitive. This is the case of classic slot machines which have these characteristics that make them very attractive to the most beginner public.

Also known as slots or slot machines, they are an icon in terms of games of chance. They are casino games that have a history of just a couple of centuries, but have evolved as time has passed. It could even be considered that they have been one of the casino games that has best adapted to technological changes, trying as best as possible to make itself more accessible and comfortable for its users.

However, to get to this moment, the slots went through other historical moments and several modifications. In the first place, the predecessor of this mechanism was very rudimentary, and did not even give money as a reward; so its purpose was simple entertainment. This was created by Charles Fey in the 19th century, and he named it the “Liberty Bell.” A couple of years later, after this first invention and due to its great popularity, Fey released a “second edition” which he called “Poker Machine”.

With this second machine, players would start receiving prizes each time they hit the winning combination. However, they did not receive money or coins, but rather the prizes consisted of cigarettes and drinks and were played in bars, where the winner was the one who received a good hand of poker; hence its name is given.

It would be at this time that the famous fruit theme would emerge, which represents classic or traditional slot machines, from another type of slot machine that, instead of cigarettes and drinks, gave gum as a prize. Then, to represent the flavor of the gum, the fruit figures were placed on the rollers.

And although since its inception they went through times of prohibition of use, this game continued to evolve, until in the 60s the first electronic slot machine arrived. With it, the winning player could receive up to 500 dollars in coins. However, that was not the last step, since three decades later, the Internet would revolutionize the world of chance.

From globalization, the slot machines would enter this virtual environment where their designs would give it so much dynamism that in the XXI century some consider it a video game. In addition, now the machines have an extra attraction that they did not have before: their themes are almost infinite. That’s right, no matter what theme you are looking for, it is very likely that you will find it in one of the many developers that exist. Some of the most famous are inspired by famous Hollywood movies, popular TV Shows, or famous book or comic sagas. Common examples include: Rick and Morty, Harry Potter, Superman, Batman, and many more.

Another interesting feature that the new slot machines brought is the game mechanics, since now there is not only a single payline, but there can be up to a thousand winning combinations, which depends a lot on the casino you have chosen. In addition to this, there is also the possibility of having more than the three classic reels, and having up to seven of them.

There you can also take advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. In fact, the free spins that slot machines use are an essential part of these bonuses. Sometimes, just by registering at the online casino, the user will receive a welcome bonus that can give up to 100 free spins. Similarly, throughout your casino experience, you could earn more and more points to spend on these popular machines.

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